CompTIA ITF+ helps professionals to decide if a career in IT is right for them or to develop a broader understanding of IT.

  • ITF+ is the only pre-career certification that helps students or career changers determine if they have a competency for information technology and if it is the right career path for them.
  • ITF+ is the only single certification that covers all areas of IT foundations, creating a broader understanding of IT making it ideal for non-technical professionals.
  • ITF+ establishes an IT education framework for students in middle school and high school.

Course Objectives

Topics Course Content
IT Concepts and Terminology
  • Notational systems.
  • Fundamental data types and their characteristics.
  • Illustrate the basics of computing and processing.
  • The value of data and information.
  • Units of measure.
  • Troubleshooting methodology.
  • Types of input/output device interfaces.
  • Set up and install common peripheral devices to a laptop/PC.
  • Common internal computing components.
  • Common Internet service types.
  • Storage types.
  • Computing devices and their purposes.
  • Basic networking concepts.
  • Install, configure and secure a basic wireless network.
Applications and Software
  • Purpose of operating systems.
  • Components of an operating system.
  • Purpose and proper use of software.
  • Methods of application architecture and delivery models.
  • Configure and use web browsers.
  • General application concepts and uses.
Software Development Concepts
  • Programming language categories.
  • Programming organizational techniques and interpret logic.
  • Purpose and use of programming concepts.
Database Fundamentals
  • Database concepts and the purpose of a database.
  • Various database structures.
  • Methods used to interface with databases.
  • Confidentiality, integrity and availability concerns.
  • Secure devices and best practices.
  • Behavioral security concepts.
  • Authentication, authorization, accounting and non-repudiation concepts.
  • Password best practices.
  • Uses of encryption.
  • Business continuity concepts.

Course Schedule

Days Time Duration Contact Hours Cost Lecturer
6 weeks
35 hours