Business Registry

Learn about our Business Registry Services

TITL Business Registry Service consists of our Preferred Customer Listing and Point of First Contact which are monthly/annual subscriptions. This is a new service offering.

Preferred Customer List

Clients who access this service will have their business name and information added to our priority list. When a customer calls the centre and requests a particular type of product or provider of a service, only information of businesses on our priority list will be provided. This ADDED VALUE SERVICE will be offered to businesses in Trinidad and Tobago.

Point of First Contact

At present, callers are provided with contact numbers and locations for businesses. With this service, callers can request and be provided with additional information on the businesses listed on our database. Information such as product/service description, opening hours, promotions and real-time information on the business.

Technical Support will be provided in cases where subscribers do not have the technological infrastructure to take advantage of our Point of First Contact packages.

Businesses can utilise some or all of the Contact Centre Support Services with a nominal annual subscription fee and maximize their marketing opportunities.