Inbound and Outbound Campaigns

TITL can provide both inbound and outbound campaigns which can range from one (1) week to one (1) month or more depending on the client’s requirements. The key to a successful campaign is having customer service representatives who understand your products or services. Our agents are trained in customer service and we ensure that all campaign objectives are achieved.

Inbound Campaigns

Our inbound campaigns are aimed at disseminating specific information to targeted groups on behalf of our clients. Our Contact Centre acts as an ‘information hub’ for products and services inclusive of events, where we provide information to your targeted audiences. Also, we provide reporting and data analytics at the end of each campaign or any interval identified by our clients. Keeping in line with your brand and your business ethos, all your inbound customer service calls will be answered within Service Level Agreement ensuring your customers feel appreciated and valued. Our teams onboarding process ensures that they are knowledgeable about your business or service. This would inevitably allow any member of our team to be able to respond to any question about your business in  in real-time. Whether you have a Customer or Technical Support requirement, we have the Outsourced Call Centre Service package to fit your requirements. Types of inbound campaigns include:

  • Product Launch
  • Lead Generation
  • B2B Sales

Outbound Campaigns

If you are looking to generate quality leads and exceed your sales target, then our Outbound Telemarketing Service can be beneficial to you. This service allows you to promote specific content to your targeted audience and generate the leads you want. Whether you are a start-up company or an established company that wishes to extend your market reach, our team can get you the sales you need.