What is a Snap Ad?

A Snap Ad is a short, approximately fifteen (15) seconds, voice-over that promotes an event, a business, its products and or service. Snap Ads will be heard by callers of the 211 Centre.

Benefits of our Snap Ads Service

Our Snap Ads service offers clients a unique advertisement medium that has all the advantages of traditional advertising and more. The ads are played via our 211 Contact Centre which receives over one thousand (1000) calls per day, which means that your ads will be heard by over one thousand (1000) potential clients within Trinidad and Tobago. Our Snap Ads option will promote awareness for your brand, provide information on your products and services, as well as provide details and instructions on special promotions such as sales/discounts, events and competitions.

 TITL has utilized 211 to advertise many of its services with overwhelming results. JOIN with us as we grow your organization!

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