Introducing MERA, the Mobile Emergency Response Alert Service

Access Emergency Assistance by the Push of a Button

The Mobile Emergency Response Alert (MERA) Service provides you with easy access to first responders in Tobago in the event of an emergency. This service includes a mobile device that can be held in the palm, worn around the neck or wrist. The device is activated by the push of a button or when a fall is detected.

MERA – Providing Peace of Mind for You and Safety for Your Loved Ones

The MERA Service will provide safety and security for your loved ones while providing you with peace of mind knowing that your loved ones have immediate access to emergency assistance if needed. Whether you work long hours or travel abroad regularly, you can give your loved ones this extra sense of security. We understand that you may not be around them 24/7 which makes our MERA Service the ideal choice for you.

Benefits of the MERA Service

  • Provides you with peace of mind knowing that emergency assistance is one push of a button away
  • Detects falls and triggers emergency assistance if you are unable to push the button
  • Offers two-way communication that allows you to speak directly to a Contact Centre Agent
  • Fits comfortably in your palm, purse and can be worn around the neck/wrist (portable and lightweight)
  • The device is rechargeable similar to a cell phone

Who can benefit from the MERA Service?

Persons with Chronic Diseases and Other Illnesses

Whether you suffer from a chronic illness such as diabetes or heart disease or other illnesses such as frequent asthma episodes, you can have easy access to emergency assistance if and when needed.


Persons Who Require Monitoring

The MERA service can also benefit anyone at any age who require monitoring. If you have a relative who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, our service includes GPS tracking. On request, the location of your loved ones can be sourced in real-time and provided to you.


Elderly Relatives Living Alone

If you live alone, our MERA service can provide you with peace of mind knowing that emergency assistance is one push of a button away.

Persons with Disabilities

Contacting the Ambulance, Fire or Police service is made easy with one push of a button.  If you are someone who is living with a disability where mobility is restricted or you may be unable to contact emergency assistance, you can wear the device around the neck or wrist.

What are the features of the MERA device?

  • Uses GSM SIM Card for Emergency Dialing
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Accurate GPS
  • Fall sense activation (G-Sensor). If a sudden fall is detected the device dials assistance
  • Rechargeable
  • Long Battery Life 3-6 days standby time

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our MERA Service here.